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Open all Day, Food Served (Noon-9PM)

Open all day

Food served

Menu 2019

Click here if you would like to download a full copy of the Miners Arms menu complete with Drinks, Vegan, Low Gluten and Low Dairy options.

Salads (NOON-6PM)

All served with a large dressed salad with crispy croutons, nuts, seeds, bloomer bread and butter

Sandwiches / Jacket Potatoes (Noon-6PM)

Choose from either a crispy Jacket Potato or freshly Sliced Bloomer Bread open sandwich

Starters (Noon-9PM)

All salads served with crispy croutons seeds and nuts unless requested without!

Mains (Noon-9PM)

Side Orders

Sunday Menu (NOON-9PM)

Please notify a member of staff of any allergies or any dietary requirements. We are allergy aware!